Monday, May 4, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Alice Liddell was born on May 4, 1852, in London where her father was the Dean of Westminster School. Soon afterward the family moved to Christ Church College in Oxford, where Alice became the favorite of a young mathematics tutor who enjoyed riddles and taking pictures of little girls. On July 4, 1862, Charles Dodgson took 10 year-old Alice and her sister for a boat ride on the Thames and told them a story about Alice falling down a rabbit hole.

In 1953, when they were twelve years-old, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel sang together for the first time in a sixth grade production of Alice in Wonderland at P.S. 164 in Queens, New York. Paul played the White Rabbit. Arthur played the Cheshire Cat. In 1966, when he was 66, Sir John Gielgud played the Mock Turtle in a film version directed by Jonathan Miller.

Alice Liddell appears three times in A Book of Ages, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) eight times, John Gielgud seven times, Paul Simon six times, and Art Garfunkel five.

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